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1. Functions: Office help directors of synthesis, evaluation of the education of the whole industry Office and coordinating the activities of the units of the Department under the program, the work plan; perform administrative work, administrator for the operation of the Office, the scientific research activities, the work of advising the press propaganda, emulation and commendation whole sector; Portal of the Department; Proposed tasks, program work plan of the sector.

2. Tasks and powers:

a. Synthesize and develop the program and work plan of the Department; To organize the activities of the Department and other units under the Department to implement the programs and plans of the Department; Developing periodical reports, unexpected reports on the performance of duties of the Department; Organizing the drafting of documents of the Department in the field assigned to them; Check the formalities and procedures in the issuance of administrative documents of the Department; Formulate and organize the implementation of rules, regulations to ensure discipline, discipline of labor and order in the activities of the Department.

b. To work as a secretary for the department; Developing programs, plans and schedules; coordinate with the units preparing the content, record minutes and draft notices and conclusions of the meeting chaired by the director of the Department.

c. To act as the focal point for the external affairs of the Director of the Department; Study articles related to the industry, report to the Director of the Department and draft a written response to the press in accordance with the discipline statement.

d. Organizing, managing and guiding the administrative, clerical, archiving and archiving work of the Department; Verifying, examining the modalities and techniques of presenting documents of units under the Department of Drafting; To summarize the situation of activities of agencies and units under the management of the Department, provide necessary information for the direction and administration of the Director of the Department.

e. To perform the task of estimating, accounting and public administration at level 3 of the Department; Estimating the proposal to implement the material and technical facilities and expenditures of funding sources of the Department according to the regulations of the State.

f. Property management, land, procurement and renovation of facilities to work, travel, and timely communications agencies Department smoothly, ensure fire prevention and fighting; To protect the order and safety of the agencies, ensure hygiene, protect the environment and the landscape of working offices; To be in charge of flood and natural disaster prevention by agencies and branches.

g. Coordinate with professional sections in formulating programs and measures to organize the implementation of PAR tasks in the field of education in their respective localities.

h. Implementing the administration, OSS administrative mechanism of the agency; Apply IT in office work.

i. To provide professional guidance and fostering on office work for cadres, civil servants, employees of the Department and units under the Department. hour. Organizing guest receptions; Ensure the conditions and facilities for the meeting of the Department and the conference of the Department.

j. To assist the director in managing and directing the emulation and rewarding work of the entire branch and regional emulation according to the assignment by the Ministry of Education and Training. Standing committees of emulation of the industry.

k. Proposing and implementing policies for civil servants in the Department; coordinate with the Union to improve the material and spiritual life of officials in the Department; In charge of the library department of the Department of Education and Internet.

l. Organizing the construction, multiplication of advanced models and the implementation of emulation and commendation on education in the province.

m. To coordinate with functional agencies in publishing specialized books, newspapers and magazines in service of the propagation work; edit the website of the Department, statistics, urge the supply, post, articles of departments, departments to maintain the website activities of the Department.

n. Perform statistical, information, periodic reports and annual and extraordinary reports on administrative activities, emulation and governance in the education sector of local and provincial People's Committee and the Ministry of Education and Training.

o. To coordinate with related departments and other tasks assigned by the Director.

3. Contact: Phone: 07113.876.267 or 07113.878.913 Fax: 07113.878.945 Email: vanphong.sohaugiang@moet.edu.vn or vanphong@haugiang.edu.vn

4. List of cadres:

1 Võ Thanh Mộng Chief of Office mongvt@haugiang.edu.vn  
2 Trần Thị Minh Trang Deputy Chief of Office trangttm@haugiang.edu.vn  
3 Nguyễn Thị Cẩm Nhung Document nhungntc@haugiang.edu.vn  
4 Expert Phùng Thanh Hào haopt@haugiang.edu.vn  
5 Nguyễn Thị Thùy Dung Expert dungntt@haugiang.edu.vn  
6 Võ Phúc Lợi Driver    
7 Trần Viết Vinh Driver    
8 Lữ Kim Háo Protection    
9 Trần Thanh Phú Protection    
10 Lê Thị Phải Employees    
11 Trần Thị Thanh Diễm Employees    
12 Lê Thị Ngọc Hương Employees    

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